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After the huge boom of the iPhone’s Safari browser, its interactivity and user friendliness, people were getting fed up of using the unfriendly internet explorer of Windows Mobile. People wanted a browser like the Safari on their Windows Mobile, so that they can view the web pages in the same way as they do it on the desktop, rendering at the same speed. Many browsers have tried to solve this problem for Windows Mobile and Skyfire beta is one of them.

Skyfire has been marketed as a fast browser for your phone, which gives access to all social communities like facebook & myspace, audio & video streaming websites like youtube, rhapsody, etc., and lets you browse anything you want. Along with all this Skyfire helps you view flash videos and animations in the exact way as you see on your desktops, something which the iPhone lacks. One can even get a zoomed in look of the browser anytime.


Along with Flash support, Skyfire supports Java and Ajax, which means that on Skyfire you can access everything that you access on your PC browser. This is because Skyfire has been given full software embedded support, which allows it to run any kind of embedded content like Flash 9, Java, Quicktime, etc.

The skyfire team has tried to provide a user friendly interface which gives you easy navigation & clickable content. Zooming & resizing options are there and one can bookmark web pages as well specific content on those pages. However for some the non-conventional usage of unlabeled tabs and menu button at bottom might be confusing instead of user friendly. Another of these confusing factors is the address bar appearing bar in the bottom which is generally expected on the top.

Currently in its beta state, Skyfire is part of the freeware software community that is you can simply download it and use it without any fear of piracy. The latest version is the Skyfire beta 0.6 release, which has come up with a lot of additions in the software. Those who were using older versions can easily update it by overwriting this new one.

[Download Skyfire]

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